Conscious, medically-backed skincare

Skinmed Doctors is a medically-backed,scientifically proven skin care line, developed by the leading Swiss dermatologists and plastic surgeons of the renowned Skinmed clinics. The line consists of 13 products, each tailor-made to address a specific skincare concern. Each product is the result of extensive lab research and expertise, combined with the experience of 20 Skinmed doctors. They have each been formulated using a maximum of three active ingredients in optimal concentrations to deliver visible results for your skin.3

It starts with you

We believe all skin types, tones and textures require a personal approach. Our clinically proven, performance-based products cater to your individual needs, giving your skin the medical attention it deserves. 

Our mission is to help people live life to the fullest by allowing them look and feel better in their skin. 

Meet our founder

Dr Felix Bertram is one of Switzerland’s leading skin specialists, renowned for his holistic approach to beauty and skincare. He has a passion for accessible and effective skincare and regularly consults with his team of experts to devise new and innovative products to target his patient’s needs. Drawing on decades of analysing and diagnosing clients’ skin concerns, Dr Bertram and his team’s experience has motivated them to develop a range of professional and effective skincare solutions.

Skinmed clinics

Each Skinmed clinic is a centre of excellence for skin health. Across four locations in Switzerland, Dr Bertram and his dedicated team offer a range of in-clinic procedures, from dermatology, aesthetic and plastic surgery to cosmetology. Guided by their philosophy, the Skinmed team helps you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

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